Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education in Turkey

Yozgat High School

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School Principal Atilla ÖZBEK
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18 January 2013  
Despite a short delay due to the examinations, we held our elections for the school parliament. The first decision of the parliament:
In order to observe the functioning of the Provincial Council and the aldermanry, school management shall follow-up with the official procedures in writing.
To reach the oath-taking ceremony of Yozgat High School Parliament click here.

28 December 2012
Yozgat high parliament held its first consultation meeting. On 04.01.2013 the selection of the council and oath-taking ceremony will take place. In the first meeting requests about the physical conditions of classrooms was on the agenda.



21 December 2012

Our school, being a partner to the Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education Projetc, started to organise family trainings called "Happy Child, Happy Family" aiming at developing democratic attitudes and skills in families. The first set of training seminars were completed and certificates were given to the parents. We would like to thank all for their contribution.
"Our school project was found suitable by our Provincial Director of National Education and it is likely to become a provincial project. We are quite happy about it." Yozgat High School&



17 December 2012
We were visited by a delegation from the Generation Democracy. They observed one of our classes taking the elective course on "Democracy and Human Rights" and together with our teachers they evaluated the use and impact of the activities used in this course. They were impressed by the level of participation in 11-D.
20 Kasım 2012

In the scope of 20 November International Children's Day we organised a conference on "Children rights in the legal system, Child in Civil Code, and Child in Criminal Procedure" by Attorney Bahar Büyükaksu, a member of Children's Rights Commission of the Yozgat Bar.


28 September 2012

As you know the new curriculum for the Democracy and Human Rights elective course was introduced to the teachers in a seminar which was held in Rize in the first week of September.
We were able to reach most of the teachers who will be teaching this course throughout the implementation. In order to make sure that we reach all the relevant teachers and more importantly to
get feedback about the activities that were sent to our pilot schools by the Board of Education we visited Manisa İsmet İnönü Girls' Technical and Vocational School. It was also important in terms
of raising awareness on Democracy and Human Rights elective course. 



14 September 2012

A seminar was organised in the scope of the "Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education" Project which is implemented by the Council of Europe together with the Board of Education of the Ministry of National Education and funded by the EU.
The seminar was organised in Private Ergin Schools and among the participants were the Mr Kemal Şahin, the Vice Governor of Yozgat, Mr Saim Kuş, the Provincial Director of Naitonal Education, Mr Hasan Yılmaz, the Provincial Director of Security, Mr Ali Acar, the director of Private Ergin College, Mr Hasan Çağlayan, the Director of Maltepe Private Course, deputy provincial directors of national education, school principals, and teachers. Our key speakers were Assistant Prof. Dr Hakan Dündar, Prof. Dr Metin Elkatmış, Ms Nalan Alican and Ms Hatice Demirbaş.

In the seminar, it was mentioned that 22 schools were selected as pilot schools of the Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights (Generation Democracy) Project and that Yozgat High School and Mehmet Akif Primary are two of these pilot schools. It was stated that the main aim of the Project is to develop democratic citizenship skills and to strengthen the students' level of awareness. It was also stated that the project will last 36 months in total with a budget of 6.1 million Euro, which will be complemented by a 3 million Euro Grant Scheme, which will run in parallel.


7 June 2012

It will also be implemented in Yozgat
An information meeting on ‘Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Grant Scheme" was held in Yozgat. Mr Hüseyin Öztürk from the Board of Education stated that they would like to establish a democratic environment at schools and added that the project on "Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education" will be carried out in Edirne, Elazığ, İstanbul, Konya, Manisa, Mardin, Mersin, Sakarya and Yozgat. He further added that they expect to see the pilot schools in these provinces to develop projects in the scope of the Grant Scheme.