Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education in Turkey

EDC/HRE Grant Scheme

List of awarded contracts under Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education Grant Scheme (CFCU/TR2009/0136.01-02)

  • Central Finance and Contracts Unit

  • Are You Aware?
  • Awareness on Social Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School
  • Let's meet, Let's Speak, Let's Compromise
  • Skilled Human, Quality Relations
  • From Peaceful School to Peaceful Cummunity - Democratic Citizenship Education
  • Developing University Students' Conciousness of Democracy and Human Rights
  • Democracy Corridor
  • Training Primary School Teachers on Democracy and Human Rights Education
  • Youth Friendly High Schools
  • Strengthening Democratic Culture in Schools
  • It is not a Game
  • Gaining our Children
  • Towards Democratic Schools: Participation Practices Empowering Students and Schools
  • Fellow Turks, Aware of our Responsibilities
  • Children Citizens
  • My Madame Curie
  • Feast of Democracy
  • Demo Puppet
  • The Stage of Democracy
  • Child-friendly Local Initiative
  • Democratic School and Class Governance Models Project
  • Human Rights for Me
  • Another School is Possible
  • From School to Community: Children and Students as Change Agents in the Community
  • Integration of Romani Children to Education Life in Kocaeli
  • Our Diversity is Our Richness
  • Empowerment Workshops for Volunteers
  • Amasya Democracy Training Center Project
  • "Democratic Grandfather" and "Heroes of the Turkish Tale" Tell Human Rights
  • Innovative Model on Democracy and Human Rights Education in Class and out of the Classroom
  • I was here, I am here, and I will be here for Democracy and my Rights

  • Call for Proposals for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education Grant Scheme (CFCU/TR2009/0136.01-02) is published

    The Grant Scheme aims to strengthen the level of awareness and to build skills for democratic citizenship among those groups who are stakeholders in the education of children. Such skills and awareness among key stakeholders would be essential for multiplying the effects of the efforts in the school environment and for sustaining the impact of the proposed intervention.

    The Grant Scheme will be implemented by the Turkish Ministry of National Education and DC/HRE Project will provide support by organising information meetings in pilot provinces and sending information materials to pilot schools.

    The full Guidelines for Grant Applicants are available for consultation on the following internet sites:


    Corrigendum for “Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education Grant Scheme (CFCU/TR2009/0136.01-02 - EuropeAid/133136/M/ACT/TR) is published.


    Deadline for submission of Concept Notes for the Grant Scgeme has been extended from 20 July 2012 to 31 July 2012.