Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education in Turkey

Elazığ Anatolian Religious High School

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School Principal Ekrem CENGİZ
President of the School Parliament Muhammed Serdar TUNÇ


5 February 2013

School principal Mr Ekrem Cengiz and history teachers of Elazığ Anatolian Religious High School participated in the training seminar in Antalya. During the two day training the main focus was on improving students' skills and strengthening their awareness level in democratic citizenship.
In the workshops, groups of stakeholders discussed issues related to model practises in democratic citizenship and human rights education, activities that will enhance cooperation among NGOs, universities, public institutions and education institutions in EDC/HRE, web based e-learning applications about EDC/HRE, training of teachers, students, and parents in EDC/HRE, raising awareness activities addressing all the actors in the field of education, activities aiming at establishing a democratic environment in education institutions, developing education materials in HRE, activities encouraging students, teachers and parents to take part in decision making processes, and activities aiming at increasing the efficiency of social clubs at schools. School Principal Mr Ekrem Cengiz stated that the seminar was quite productive. He further added that they were trying to make the best out of the pilot implementation of the elective course on "Democracy and Human Rights", which was a privilege for the school.
In the framework of the recent education reform in Turkey a number of curricula were developed in 2012 and were included in the academic programme as of 2012 - 2013 academic year. In that respect the elective course on "Democracy and Human Rights" stands out as a unique example with the pilot implementation period foreseen. Teachers are involved in all the processes from the development of the curriculum to the designing of materials and new methodologies. As a result, we have the rare chance of experimenting the course and to maka small changes where needed.” 


17 January 2013


A delegation of the representatives of the Council of Europe and the Board of Education, MoNE visited our school today. The delegation first held a meeting with our school principal. Then they observed one of our democracy and human rights classes taguht by Mr Mehmet Gever and evaluated the implementation of the course and the efficiency of the activities. They were impressed by our teacher's performance and students' participation level.




7 November 2012

We completed the elections for the president of the school parliament for 2012-2013 academic year. Students voted for their president using exercising their rights. Muhammed Serdar Tunç from 10/L received the highest number of votes and he is now the president of our school parliament.

24 September 2012


A delegation of the representatives of the Council of Europe and the Board of Education, MoNE visited our school today. The main aim of the visit was to increase the awareness level about the elective course on "Democracy and Human Rights" and about the Generation Democracy project. They were also interested in communicating with our teachers to inform them about the curriculum and the activities and to exchange ideas.