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4 March 2013

Our school parliament convened at 12:00 on Monday, 04.03.2013 to discuss how to improve the quality of education at school. The meeting was chaired by our school principal Mr Bayram Çelik, deputy principal Ms Sevgi Ülgen and our counselling teacher Mr İsmet Sarıbay and all class representatives were at the meeting. Together we held a debate on how to improve the quality of education in our school further. The parliament listened to the suggestions brought up by the representatives based on their discussions in their own classrooms.

10 December 2012

We celebrated the International Human Rights Day in the Conference Hall of Pakize Kokulu High School on 10 December 2012.

District governor of Mezitli Mr Kamil Kıcıroğlu, Mayor of Mezitli Mr Uğur Yıldırım, Deputy Director of District Security of Mezitli Mr Mustafa Yalçın Güven, Deputy District Directors of National Education of Mezitli Mr Kamil Durdu, and Cafer Karabulut, school principals, teachers and students participated in our ceremony. The programme started with a minute of silence and the National Anthem. School Principal of Pakize Kokulu High School Mr Bayram Çelik stated that “Human rights are all the rights that aim at developing emotions among people such as love, respect, brotherhood, and friendship regardless of one’s race, religion, colour, age, or gender. It is humiliating and unacceptable for a person to overrule and look down on another person. In societies where these type of discriminatory acts prevail, there have always been conflicts, chaos and rebellions. As the idea of rights, equality justice and freedom became widespread fight against discrimination also increased.”

The principal Mr Bayram Çelik also added “Our school is one of the pilot schools in the scope of the “Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Project” implemented by the Ministry of National Education” and he thanked the audience for their participation in the 10 December International Day of Human Rights and Democracy.

Philosophy teacher Ms Meltem Öztürk gave a speech on “Human Rights”. She stated that “The principles of human rights, democracy and the rule of law are universal values that should be adopted and exercised by all nations. A phenomenon of our age is that countries with serious problems in these fields are not able to overcome their economic and social problems. It is a fact that the protection and development of human rights in our country is the fundamental condition for reaching the level of contemporary civilisation as targeted by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our Republic. Fundamental rights and freedoms are the indispensable elements of an honourable life. Moreover, protection and development of human rights is not a menace to public security; on the contrary, it is the warranty of public order, peace and prosperity. Philosophy teacher Ms Fatma Say gave a speech on “Human Rights in Sufism”.

The programme continued with slides on Atatürk, videos about 10 December International Day of Human Rights, poems, short films about the rights of the disabled, a video on children’s rights and women rights, a photo and commentary on “Child and the Vulture”, and the short film called “Be happy! It is an order!”.

5 November 2012

A delegation of the representatives of the Council of Europe and the Board of Education, MoNE visited our school today.
The delegation first held a meeting with our school principal. Then they observed one of our democracy and human rights classes and evaluated the implementation of the course and the efficiency of the activities. Prof. David Kerr also shared his experiences from the UK.


28 September 2012

A delegation of the representatives of the Council of Europe and the Board of Education, MoNE visited our school today.
The main aim of the visit was to increase the awareness level about the elective course on "Democracy and Human Rights" and about the Generation Democracy project.
They were also interested in communicating with our teachers to inform them about the curriculum and the activities and to exchange ideas.