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School Principal Ahmet BALTACI
President of the School Parliament  




19 December 2012

As a follow-up of their first two visits in September and in October, a delegation from the Generation Democracy project visited our school again. Their main aim was to observe a "Democracy and Human Rights" class and to evaluate the activities they have sent since the beginning of the semester. Our teachers and students were very pleased to have the delegation in their class and they had the chance to ask questions and make comments on the activities. 






28 September 2012

A delegation of the representatives of the Council of Europe and the Board of Education, MoNE visited our school today. The main aim of the visit was to increase the awareness level about the elective course on "Democracy and Human Rights" and about the Generation Democracy project. They were also interested in communicating with our teachers to inform them about the curriculum and the activities and to exchange ideas.





31 May 2012

On 31st May the Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education project team consisting of members of the Board of Education, Prof. David Kerr and Prof. Edward Huddleston visited our school, which is one of the pilot schools of the ambitious project. As of September 2012, Konya is one of the 10 pilot provinces where the new elective course curriculum on "Democracy and Human Rights" for secondary education and the Strategy Paper on Democratic School Culture will be tested. We are the pilot primary school mainly dealing with the Strategy Paper on DSC and Mehmet Akif Ersoy Anatolian High is the secondary school, where the new elective course will be piloted.

Note from the Generation Democracy Team:  

Both schools have a very positive approach to the pilot implementation practise and they have been facilitating the work of all interested parties. Both the principals of the schools and teachers of EDC/HRE impressed the our delegation with their experience and maturity in this field.