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14 September 2012

A seminar was organised in the scope of the "Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education" Project which is implemented by the Council of Europe together with the Board of Education of the Ministry of National Education and funded by the EU.

The seminar was organised in Private Ergin Schools and among the participants were the Mr Kemal Şahin, the Vice Governor of Yozgat, Mr Saim Kuş, the Provincial Director of Naitonal Education, Mr Hasan Yılmaz, the Provincial Director of Security, Mr Ali Acar, the director of Private Ergin College, Mr Hasan Çağlayan, the Director of Maltepe Private Course, deputy provincial directors of national education, school principals, and teachers. Our key speakers were Assistant Prof. Dr Hakan Dündar, Prof. Dr Metin Elkatmış, Ms Nalan Alican and Ms Hatice Demirbaş.

In the seminar, it was mentioned that 22 schools were selected as pilot schools of the Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights (Generation Democracy) Project and that Yozgat High School and Mehmet Akif Primary are two of these pilot schools. It was stated that the main aim of the Project is to develop democratic citizenship skills and to strengthen the students' level of awareness. It was also stated that the project will last 36 months in total with a budget of 6.1 million Euro, which will be complemented by a 3 million Euro Grant Scheme, which will run in parallel.