Bekirpaşa Mehmet Gölhan Primary School

Contact Details Bekirpaşa Mehmet Gölhan Primary School
Pirahmetler Mah. Erenler SAKARYA
Tel: +90 264 353 41 05
Fax:+90 324 353 40 36
School Principal Alim UZUN
President of the School Parliament Abdussamet YAYLA


Bekirpaşa Mehmet Gölhan Primary School

The World Tolerance Day

16 November - Placards and posters for the World Tolerance Day were designed and displayed in the school garden and in the corridors. Students watched films about tolerance and solidarity. We offered some "chocolate of tolerance" to our students.

The School Parliament

The election process for the 'Presidency of the School Parliament,which aims at fostering the awareness of democracy, was quite exciting. Abdussamet Yayla from 7-A collected the highest number of votes and runs the presidency now.

Our School is one of the pilot schools of Generation Democracy

In the scope of the "Generation Democracy" project implemented by the Ministry of National Education and the Council of Europe and funded mainly by the European Union, our school was chosen as one of the pilot schools. Dr Recep Kaymakcan and Erenler Branch Manager Ramazan Bayraktar visited our school in order to monitor the activities carried out in our school in the scope of the project. As one of the monitoring experts of the Project, Mr Kaymakcan informed us about the activities we are expected to carry out throughout the year.